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Frequently Asked Questions

Thinnai Organic is an Organic Agricultural Entity which produces Organic Vegetables, Fruits, Meats, Eggs and Milk at its Organic Farm located in Chunnakam, Jaffna without the use of any artificial ingredients.

The farm also intends to promote Agri Tourism in Sri Lanka and is equipped with Hotel Facilities offering a unique experience, in harmony with Nature.

We offer farm-fresh organic vegetables and Free-range organic Meats and Eggs.

Our harvest is grown free of any artificial ingredients such as pesticides, weedicides, growth promoters, fertilizers etc., and our animals are raised free-range and only fed organic feed ensuring they are free of any artificial growth promotes, antibiotics and etc, as well.

We do not use any artificial preservatives when packing our produce. Therefore, the shelf life of our products is less, when compared to non-organic vegetables and fruits.

Yes our farm is certified by SriCert, which is authorized by the Government of Sri Lanka, as one of the members of International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)

SRICERT is the Certification Arm of Lanka Organic Agriculture Movement, which is the Sri Lankan partner of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements – The Umbrella Organization for Worldwide Organic Agriculture.

All fertilisers, pesticides and weedicides used at the farm are natural and organic.

The compost we use is produced at the farm using cow dung, cow urine, goat waste, poultry litter, foliage waste, plant waste, food waste and other biodegradable wastes. Another natural fertilizer- Panjakavia, is produced at the farm using Fruit waste, Jaggary, Gee, Milk, etc., to improve soil nutrient content and wormy wash and worm composts are also used as natural fertilisers.

A special Neem solution, a  garlic solution, diluted cow urine and diluted Panjakavia acts as natural pesticides and the farm is weeded manually to avoid using any artificial chemicals in the farming process.

Our animals are fed organic feed and they roam free on the farm. Chicken feed is mainly a mixture of ground corn, rice bran and punnack and the goats and cows graze on natural grass that is grown in an acre of land at the farm. They’re also fed plant residues such as corn leaves and stems, banana leaves, etc.

Our animals are free of any chemicals, growth promoters or artificial antibiotics. Rice bran, Punnack, Wheat bran and Dhal Dust and other natural substances are mixed in their feed as supplements. Neem leaves, crushed ginger, mustard and some other herbal plant leaves grown at the farm is used to make natural medicine for worm treatment and to fight off any other unwelcomed infections.

According to Organic Standards, Broiler Chicken is not considered Genetically Modified. The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM) manual defines that a chick can be raised organically as long as it is brought into the system within two days of its birth.Thinnai Organic brings in day-old chicks to the farm where they will be fed a glucose solution for 02-03 days to recover from transportation stress. Then they are raised on organic feed in an open patch of land.

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